electronic music sideproject (nate mckee). you'll hear synths, bleeps, bloops, some drums, arpeggiated bass, quiet vocals, and occasionally a harp. you might also hear my cat deep in the background.

Jun 26


S A L E S, a project created by Jordan Shih (JSHIH) and a high school friend of his, Lauren Morgan, released this song on Sunday. Entitled “Renee,” the song starts off beautifully with a distant acoustic guitar, that repeats metaphorically with the content of the vocals. Lauren’s vocals are so haunting and perfect on this track. She reminds one of Raphaelle from Braids in her playful gestures and innocence that resides from voice. The song keeps its pace up until the last minute when the drum beats changes and the Jordan on the acoustic follows suit. We are then introduced with another vocal melody that syncs up with Lauren’s initial lines and ends the track beautifully as the listener drives away into the sunset with them.

When asked about the project, Jordan said, “We went to high school together, and have been jamming together on/off since then.” With this first track release they hope to put an album out soon. In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful song and follow them, as there are surely more to come in the future.


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Jun 25

Hey, so I made an album and had some help from my friends Datahowler and JSHIH. It’s free, and it’s ready for your consumption. Check it outtt

love ittttt


I challenge you to listen to this song and not smile. Or better yet, not laugh at how great it makes you feel. bo-en have released the song of the summer with their very dreampop anthem called “Miss You.” Reminiscences of Super Mario Bros and other very simple Nintendo-esque, but brilliantly used samples give it a nostalgic feel, but at the same time carry a futuristic vibe that delivers hope for the next wave of music. Brilliantly switching between English and Japanese, lyrics of falling in and out of love are caught in between bird chirps and drops of rain. Stream the song above and give it some love

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Mar 1

changemod is what i do when I need a break from The Answer Page. its sort of electronic, sort of bummer…you know.  this video was conceptualized and produced by a dude named James Ferry in Houston TX (Ambergris Productions). i couldn’t be happier with what he’s done with my debut track, “Alarm”. please, enjoy